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rar.png Citroen 2CV Charleston (version: 063) HOT

(9 votes)


Citroen 2CV Charleston (1984)

Converted and modified by JerryCBM
Original by Phil convertita da Chezy for GTA San Andreas

version=063 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



5.44 MB
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7z.png Citroen AX GTI (version: 088b) HOT

(9 votes)


Citroen AX GTI (1994)

Motor: 1.4cc 100cv
Categoria: Nivel 1

TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



8.06 MB
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rar.png Citroen Berlingo (version: 1.0) HOT

(12 votes)


Citroen berligno v1.00 For racer, version CG only and works best with RC5Official colors, choice between familly or van versionEngine is 1.9D 71ch/125NmScripts :Indicators (Q for left, E for right T for Hazard) thanks to john the lemon for the scriptTo change color/version, just run configurateur.jarEnjoy !



13.84 MB
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rar.png Citroën BX FL 1.9 D UPDATED (Liftback) (version: 0655) HOT

(7 votes)


Model by ???,converted by ???, edited by Miguel1.8Turbo
Year: 1989
1905 cc/// 71 ps/52kw @ 4600 rpm/// 120 Nm @ 2000 rpm///0-100: 16,3 s Top: 165 km/h


-Can choose between low-lit or high-lit dash                                                                                                        -Very realistic clock                                                                                                                                                     

-Can choose between polish or spanish plate

Update: fixed sounds and plate light



8.85 MB
1,677 hits

rar.png Citroën BX TRD (version: 053b6) HOT

(10 votes)


Citroën BX TRD (1990)

version=053b6 / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



10,5 MB
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rar.png Citroen C2 (version: 050f) HOT

(6 votes)


Citroen C2 (2006)

Conwert to GTA SA by M_Power, Convert to Racer by R.i.P
Engine: 1.8TDi, Transmission: Manual, V- Max: 241KM/h

version=050f / TESTED OK: Racer v0.84



5.73 MB
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rar.png citroen c4 vts coupe (version: HOT

(8 votes)


manual gearbox -//- max speed: 230 km/h -//- year 2009 -//- citroen c3 engine



3.25 MB
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rar.png Citroen C5 I 2.0 HDI Liftback (version: 053) HOT

(8 votes)


year=2001 0-100:14,7s. vmax:181km/h credits=By Fabikan75 Poj:1997cc Mmo:205Nm przy 1900 obr./min. Moc:90KM(66kW) przy 4000 obr./min.



7.3 MB
917 hits

rar.png Citroen C5 I 2.0 HPI Liftback (version: 053) HOT

(6 votes)


year=2002 0-100:10,6s. vmax:210km/h credits=By Fabikan75 Poj:1997cc Mmo:192Nm przy 4000 obr./min. Moc:140KM(103kW) przy 6000 obr./min.



7.79 MB
1,171 hits

rar.png Citroen C5 I 2.2 HDI Liftback (version: 053) HOT

(6 votes)


year=2003 0-100:11 s. vmax:205km/h credits=By Fabikan75 Poj:2179cc Mmo:314Nm przy 2000 obr./min. Moc:133KM(98kW) przy 4000 obr./min.



7.7 MB
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