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Volkswagen Golf V 2.0 TDi (hatchback_3d)Volkswagen Golf V 2.0 TDi (hatchback_3d) POPULAR
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1968 cc  (BKD Code)     

140 ps (103 kw) @ 4000 rpm

320 Nm @ 1750 rpm

Year: 2004                                                                                                                   


Top: 205 km/h; 0-100: 9,3s


Model by EMzone, Convert to Racer by R.i.P; edited by Miguel1.8Turbo

I made an 'speed app' because vw speedo is irregular

TDi Power!!!

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Autor Model by EMzone, Convert to Racer by R.i.P; edited by Miguel1.8Turbo
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+1 #4 Miguel1.8T 15-04-2017 11:22
Yes, it is :)
+1 #3 Filipmix024 15-04-2017 11:14
I'ts My Iphone 6S in the Golf? :D

Nice Golf man. :)
0 #2 Miguel1.8T 14-04-2017 10:53
I know :) i tried to amplify hi, but it sounds like an explosion or when you shout next to a microphone
+2 #1 Fabikan75 14-04-2017 08:31
Nice samples, but hi noise is more quiet than mid. This no sounds good.:)

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