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Volkswagen Passat B5.5 6.0W12 Volkswagen Passat B5.5 6.0W12 (version: 090)

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Volkswagen Passat 6.0 W12 Diesel engine from Audi Q7 A.K.A Passerati

Twin turbo , 500HP 1000Nm , 4Wheel Drive

Modified suspension and steering 

Max Speed 330 km/h

Tuned by Fery


Version  090  Downloads  408 
Size  30.11 MB  Created  22-10-2019 
    Created by  Ferencz 
    MD5 Checksum  8381a7bdd6de5b4af2082a587e557d3e 
    SHA1 Checksum  19bfb3657cc16877328c676b45f850c4a75d0569 
Size: 30.11 MB

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