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BMX Poland 2 (Bike) BMX Poland 2 (Bike) (version: 0655)

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Bike Specifications

Bike Type: BMX

Gears: No         



Max speed: straight: 59kmh Downhill: 62kmh


Model by ninjagg; converted by Miguel1.8Turbo

-This is not like a car, you must adapte little to drive it

-Is like floating, but model doesnt let me get down wheels and body

-U must brake when make turns

-Spinning pedals

Version  0655  Downloads  212 
Size  2.53 MB  Created  11-06-2017 
    Created by  Miguel1.8T 
    Changed by  Miguel1.8T 
Author  Model by ninjagg; converted by Miguel1.8Turbo  MD5 Checksum  2a85526fa762aa72766970b485a0ef4f 
    SHA1 Checksum  78f8549f480118e70096943ca2f697462bf2d14e 
Size: 2.53 MB

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