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1930 Model A Tudor1930 Model A Tudor
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This is a 1930 Ford Model A Tudor, powered by the same 3.3l as all other Model A's had, with the same 3 speed manual transmission. This one has a small choice in body color as well as wheel color. And you can choose from two different car.ini's depending on if you have a pedal setup with or without a clutch. The vehicle has some slight alterations from the Model A pick up truck, mostly to make it look a little bit nicer, a Moto-meter also sits on top of the radiator now. Also now there is a 2d speedo on outside views, though not originally meant for this vehicle, works good as a basic speedo. Made to work with Raven 2.0, works best on Racer RC4.


Original authors to the original vehicle are newuser, HoodRide, StratumX, original vehicle converted from GTA SA, was modified from a pickup truck body to a Tudor body. 2d gauge by Silver (Eric).

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