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Mercedes-Benz W124 320E Cabrio Mercedes-Benz W124 320E Cabrio (version: 0655) HOT

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Year=1995, Engine: 6 cylinders, 3199 cm3, 162kW at 5500RPM, 310Nm at 3750RPM | When you press L,will be added roof to car.

Version  0655  Downloads  1,106 
Size  8.26 MB  Created  25-04-2016 
    Changed  25-04-2016 
    Created by  Priban 
    Changed by  Priban 
Author  Model: Nois | Convert: Priban  MD5 Checksum  59732fa8616b1f8ba4c6ecd696dafb96 
    SHA1 Checksum  548a5b87de297d784de7b5dc3fbd0703a95e3b17 
Size: 8.26 MB


+1 #5 Fabikan75 27-04-2016 13:59
maybe someone know make scripts :). But i think that scripts work on cg
+1 #4 Priban 26-04-2016 18:52
Yes, but this car dont have lights, because if you want turn lights on withnout active roof, it is not possible
+1 #3 Fabikan75 26-04-2016 18:26
"L" can activate roof and lights :)
+1 #2 Priban 26-04-2016 17:20
Thanks you :D but i cant do lights, because roof will be not practic :D and i cant upload lots of cars, because it is spam :D
+3 #1 Fabikan75 25-04-2016 21:00
Good idea with roof :D

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