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Skoda Fabia I 1.4 TDI (Sedan) Skoda Fabia I 1.4 TDI (Sedan) (version: 0655)

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1.4 TDI 6V Inline-3

75 HP (55 kW)/ 195 NM

0-100: 14.4s, Top Speed: 169 km/h

Year: 2003

Model by GTA BIH MODS (5-doors), converted by Fabikan75;
remodelation from 5d to Sedan and edit by Miguel1.8Turbo

See readme for full info

Version  0655  Downloads  232 
Size  11.09 MB  Created  07-09-2019 
    Created by  Miguel1.8T 
    Changed by  Miguel1.8T 
Author  Miguel1.8Turbo  MD5 Checksum  407ce2ec2d1f1064ded4fd7a900a4577 
Website  Website external  SHA1 Checksum  17f1b7ba08a7908a75c34d9b361e697b10f50fd3 
Size: 11.09 MB

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