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Volvo V40 I 1.9 Di (Kombi) Volvo V40 I 1.9 Di (Kombi) (version: 088) HOT

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year=1999; 0-100:12,6s.; vmax:180km/h; credits=Converted By Fabikan75,original author Bmwfans; Poj:1870cc; Moc:95KM(70kW) przy 4000 obr.min.; Mmo:190Nm przy 2000 obr.min.
Version  088  Downloads  1,877 
Size  4.93 MB  Created  05-01-2016 
    Changed  05-01-2016 
    Created by  Fabikan75 
    Changed by  Fabikan75 
Author  Converted By Fabikan75; Original author Bmwfans  MD5 Checksum  d85d3aeca3493a9710277f6f89b8cab3 
    SHA1 Checksum  01cdadcd8e11e3753a13f1c4d3eac024e7bd4a32 
Size: 4.93 MB

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