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BMW E36 325td(Sedan)BMW E36 325td(Sedan) POPULAR
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  1. year=1992;
  2. 0-100:11,8 s.;
  3. vmax:201km/h;
  4. credits=Converted by Fiecu, Franz; edit and engine variant by Fabikan75;
  5. Dis:2497cc;
  6. Pow:115KM(85kW)@4800rpm;
  7. Tor:222Nm@1900rpm.
Creado 28-11-2016
Versión: 065
Tamaño 29.92 MB
(4 votos)
Autor Converted by Fiecu, Franz; engine variant by Fabikan75
MD5 Checksum dd0966347a81addb0b93f40651be98db
Creado por Fabikan75
Descargas 2,319
SHA1 Checksum cdebe7ea3b8ead549f800f9aa67503f7a8ab7d97
Nombre del archivo:bmw_e...dan.rar
Tamaño:29.92 MB


0 #1 Miguel1.8T 04-12-2016 01:16
If u see this, i tell you that i am going to value each car with 3 or + positive things and 3 or + negatives for models quality

Nice Sound
Good quality on parts and logo
Correct Perfomance
Big quality on interior

Plate light unrealistic (must be only 2 beams, no all illuminated)
Steer, not at all of E36
This engine can reach 5400 rpm

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