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06 Jun 2015 23:09 #380 por Anonymous
need help about the game Publicado por Anonymous
hello everyone,,i need help about how to play multiplayer on racer
if anyone know how to make it,, please send me a video tutorial of youtube or anything else,,,
please help me...i'm just connected to the internet from a router wi-fi and i don't know why it doesn't want to open the multiplayer....please help me...
07 Jun 2015 08:58 #381 por Priban
Respuesta de Priban sobre el tema need help about the game
Hey, I play multiplayer normally, with my brother. Ah, but that he can host multiplayer game and I'll just connect multiplayer game, and that's it. But if you want to play with someone who is not connected to your router / modem, so I probably will not help you. Sorry
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07 Jun 2015 09:07 #382 por Orges
Respuesta de Orges sobre el tema need help about the game
anyway, thankyou very much for awnsering,,i try to much time to join but i can't,,,if there isn't any way to make it, i'll forgot it...
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