Racer, el simulador gratuíto por excelencia, continúa su andadura hacia la versión final 0.90 con una nueva beta que puedes descargar ya mismo, la v0.90 RC5.

Los cambios más llamativos son el arreglo de múltiples fallos como de costumbre, posibilidad de crear efectos de agua en movimiento, ajustes negativos de camber, aumento de objetos en pista a 6000 entre otros. Puedes ver el listado completo si sigues leyendo la noticia.


Después de la v0.90 RC5 ya han sacado la v0.90 RC5D, descarga ahora la última beta e infórmate acerca de sus cambios aquí.


Después de lanzar la v0.90 RC5, han salido varios fallos importantes, por ello se han lanzado la versión B, C, y la actual que es la última, la D.

Listado de cambios completo (en inglés) de Racer v0.90 RC5D:

- Ctrl-I now inverts debug readout colors (it used to roll through the debug readout views)
- Onyx compiler improved with bugfixes, type-casting.
- Onyx pointers (hm).
- Onyx now supports float const ('const float x=0.5'), while, for and do-while.
- Onyx supports basic yielding of scripts (coroutines, triggered each frame).
- Onyx internal function abs(), sqrt() added.

- A default Cg shader is created for materials without an explicit shader. To avoid black materials.
- car.ini\'s now accept wheel.pacejka.negate_camber. Some TIR files/coefficents out there&seem to reverse camber (inverting influence on Fy tire forces). This option inverts camber sign as it goes into the Pacejka formulae.
- lighting.cg no longer adds Ks (specular) to the ambient term.
- .f32 file support for textures in .shd files; future development for sky colors.
- Added $water_reflection texture map for shaders, in the same way $mirror exists. This works with renderer.water. to render a mirror image of the scene into a 2D reflection map, which can be used for a water shader.(See also water_f.cg/water_v.cg in data/renderer/shaders. To be elaborated.
- The default debug text color is now white again.
- Timing is passed to the Cg shaders in TrackEd for some animations.
- Explicit low LOD steering model removed; use the model LOD available for the regular model (steer.model) (in car.ini)
- Car cameras can explictly turn the steering wheel on or off (camera.steering_wheel=0 or 1). The default is 1 (added to data/cars/default/car.ini). See also http://www.racer.nl/reference/carphys.htm#campos

- Number of materials in a track raised to 6000 (from 4000) for some nasty import tracks.
- TrackEd\'s generate template shader generated 'unnamed_QObject' for unloaded textures.
- Added engine.shifting.cut_ignition in car.ini; instead of cut_throttle=1, you can leave throttle open and cut; part of the ignition instead. A value of 0.5 for example will output 50% of engine torque to the clutch/gearbox/wheels, so is smoother while shifting.
- Autoclutch during shifting linearized; it was now squared, making for a less smooth experience.
- New combined slip method for tire forces; #7. From Pacejka's book, the Similarity method. Does not require optimal_slipratio and optimal_slipangle anymore. More info on http://www.racer.nl/reference/wheels.htm#tireforces
- When the tire left the surface, slip angle and ratio were reset to 0. This was not realistic for a bumpy surface; since you lose a lot of traction when the tire is bouncing a bit. Now it keeps on tracking slipAngle/Ratio.
- Different fonts (Eurostile)
- Added dyn_standard_bump_ao_f/v.cg shaders for ambient occlusion map (much like the mix shaders really).
- After all these years, on Win7/64bits with 32-bits Racer, got PerfKit working with PerfKit v2.2.0.12166 from nVidia ('debug 6 1').
- Added 'float serverTime' uniform for Cg shaders to get (an estimate of) the multiplayer server time. To sync vertex shader effects across multiple PC's.
- Added active differentials basics using Onyx. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/differentials_active.htm
- Added a global 'lowpass' DSP option. Mainly used for testing for a future 'muffle' parameter per car to soften incar sounds.
- Added track audio per surface (in special.ini). If not defined, the default global surface type audio is used. See http://www.racer.nl/reference/tracks_surfaces.htm

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