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Chevrolet Impala SS VII 5.7 (Sedan) Chevrolet Impala SS VII 5.7 (Sedan)
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year=1996; vmax:232 km/h; 0-100:7,1s.; Model From Forza, Converted by Fabikan75; Dis:5733cc; Pow:264KM(194kW)@5000rpm; Tor:447Nm@2400rpm.; Engine:V8 16v petrol; Gearbox:automatic 4; Layout:RWD;
Created Jueves, 09 Septiembre 2021 22:38
Version 065
Size 15.71 MB
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MD5 Checksum ed72123c81d65488e87c5bbdd42b03a1
Created by Fabikan75
Downloads 617
Website Website external
SHA1 Checksum ec987a1f6973b363e108b425da158e1ac376e55d
Size:15.71 MB


0 #1 SpoderStudios 05-06-2023 09:36
why haven't you uploaded your latest mods to racer in tracciontrasera :sad:

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