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Audi S4 Speed Recorder Audi S4 Speed Recorder (version: 090)

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Audi S4 B5 Speed Recorder 

1066 km/h max speed 

9000Nm (0-8000rpm) , 13.000 Hp

2speed manual gearbox

Instruction :

To start with this car you need to put in neutral , 

start the engine , rev it to 8000rpm and then put in 1th gear with 

full throttle.

Tuning by Fery

Version  090  Downloads  324 
Size  17.14 MB  Created  22-10-2019 
    Created by  Ferencz 
    MD5 Checksum  c22eea68343d4211ed0f6db82a5eb0a4 
    SHA1 Checksum  2c977ab59b3f6abe8708b2dff8980105431498b0 

Size: 17.14 MB


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