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Mercedes-Benz w123 300D (engine- fixed)Mercedes-Benz w123 300D (engine- fixed) POPULAR
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3.0L diesel, 88 HP at 4400RPM, year=1976 Car by Priban & sounds by Fabikan75
Creado 24-05-2015
Cambiado el 26-05-2015
Tamaño 11.08 MB
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Autor Priban
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SHA1 Checksum 5b342a5ab2dbd37fc8c999b83f008560cc2b95d1
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0 #6 Fabikan75 26-05-2015 15:18
if you press c you have 4 cameras
only first is with car(0-9), remaining 3 are from track.
First set in car.ini section "camera"
set y,x,z :)
0 #5 Priban 25-05-2015 20:31
Fabikan75! i have it! but i have real engine with real differential and gearbox too! Really I do not lie :) and i have question... how to set the camera so that it could not move?
0 #4 Fabikan75 25-05-2015 19:44
i can help you, send me end model, i make engine ;)
0 #3 Priban 25-05-2015 16:04
When I'm doing W124 wagon, can you help me with the engine?
0 #2 Priban 25-05-2015 16:00
Sorry, but I can not do the maximum speed :( And I found interesting thing, how it is lazy the hills... it is snail
But see this...
Top speed is only 135km/h, my dad´s friend have this car and he can go with him 160km/h...I do not know, maybe it's the other differential
0 #1 Fabikan75 24-05-2015 21:41
Good textures, lights.:)
Sounds however are good
This Diesel is faster than turbodiesel :D

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