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Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
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Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren(2005) Model By Forza Motorsport 3(Wheel and Steering for Forza 7), Converted By Derric Chang(GTA:SA),Noil Kuroda, M155 SLR, 5.4l V8 SOHC Supercharged, 626PS/6500rpm, 780Nm/3250-5000rpm version=053b / TESTED OK=0655
Created Viernes, 21 Mayo 2021 01:29
Version 053b
Size 12.94 MB
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MD5 Checksum 2ce694827fd16331af8faef95c67123e
Created by Noil Kuroda
Changed by Noil Kuroda
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SHA1 Checksum 044f85fd716ac6e9339437b1e9db893ce60b6edc
Size:12.94 MB

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