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Six tracks for racer by Pawel1202 (version: 0.63)

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A few fictional tracks located in Poland. Roads, villages, one little city. "The roads of Poland". I suggest to open them on racer 0.63


Polish Roads 3 - 11 kilometers

Kielecka szosa - 15 kilometers

Kaszuby - 10 kilometers

Mazurski odcinek specjalny (Mazury Final) - 8 kilometers

FSO Test track - one of my first, this is a remake of real track located in Warsaw. It was the property of FSO cars manufacturer.

Szwajcarska szosa - for 5 minutes of fun, my first track, build in Bob's Track Builder


All of the tracks were built using Bob's Track Builder. There can be some problems with this maps, but i allow to repair them, if necessary. Have good fun :D All of them works correctly on racer 0.63.



Version  0.63  Downloads 
    Created  15-11-2019 
    Created by  Paweł 


This is only a simple document without a file.


+2 #3 tt 18-11-2019 19:53
Cito a Paweł:
It will be more tracks soon :D

We will upload it here to have it forever :D If you want!
+3 #2 Paweł 17-11-2019 21:23
It will be more tracks soon :D
+5 #1 Miguel1.8T 17-11-2019 01:09
Nice work ;-)

We needed more maps for Racer

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