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04 Ene 2024 19:05 #6706 por Anónimo
hi marco Publicado por Anónimo
Hey guys!
Today I'm here to talk about a subject that involves Racer Simulator Portugal.
For those who don't know, Marco spammed the main racer mod website with his stuff, (as most of it doesn't even have the right to be called mods), but some are good, but only the smallest part.
Speaking of the main theme of this message, on December 20th, Marco (Arouca21) invaded my server with the profile marco33, on discord. If you say that I have heartburn or that my melons are full (Portugal expressions that no foreigner understands), I can tell you that I hope you know that during the period of our friendship (one of the worst phases of my modding journey, as this reflected a little in my personality today) I collected more evidence than you think.
First of all, you told me that you didn't log into my server, but in the end you hacked into my server with another account, either my server or the skybh server. This only proves that you are a liar, you betrayed my trust. Now you're saying that I have heartburn and that it's paranoia? According to Tiago Giroto, you also entered the SLRR servers. Now comes the proof:

Do you know this print?
If you don't recognize it, it's from that post you made on your blog called "Again Rice" (in english because of tracciontrasera rules). For some reason, my server icon is on the servers ribbon on the left, and for some other reason, your name is censored, if you had balls, you would show everything without fear.

After reading the entire post, we reached the height of lies and hypocrisy, because everything you wrote there was what I would tell you (including the hints on Instagram)
Well, Marco, if you continue like this, more posts like these will come... For your information, no, I don't have heartburn from your mods, and I don't envy any of your mods, especially because I can make better mods than the your. If you do the live, which you say will expose us to millions of people, just do the math:
You currently have 10 followers, you don't count,
views, 101800
If the math doesn't fail me, the result gives 101810 views, that is, if you multiply that by 10 you might be able to get there...
In other words, don't show off because you'll only embarrass yourself, and please, don't mess with us anymore. As I know you're going to send messages saying that you have partnerships with other mods, don't worry, because that suggests that you don't have the balls, in other words, you need other people because you don't know how to defend yourself.
As you say,
without further to declare
Afonso Costa, The Racer Edits

Bye Bye
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05 Ene 2024 08:35 #6707 por Anonimo
Respuesta de Anonimo sobre el tema hi marco
Hi again.
Well, I want to say that the topic ends here, I just need to pronounce myself, because what you did is not correct, first of all you lied me, and when someone betray my trust, I get mad, which happened in the first message. So, Marco, please stop, you can continue doing your mods and stuff but please, stop to provoke other modders, you will not get or win anything for that. After all of this, I just continue wishing you the best, but what you did is just not correct. Bye
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05 Ene 2024 08:45 #6708 por Anónimo
Respuesta de Anónimo sobre el tema hi marco
Like as I said, the topic ends here, I don’t want anyone talking more about you and you talking about other persons, the topic ends here! It is because of this little things that racer community isn’t looking good because of this beefs, and I admit that some were my fault. Tt admin, please delete all of this stuff in 1 week, I just don’t want racer community be like that, so I guess that part has ended for me, I hope other modders do that too…
05 Ene 2024 22:55 #6709 por tt
Respuesta de tt sobre el tema hi marco
No problem, the post will be deleted in a few days.

Have fun and enjoy Racer please :)
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