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  • Rotterstein
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01 May 2017 21:53
ETS2 to Racer v6.5

Hi everyone!
I have a question for you, again :D (Sorry for lots of topics for Administrator). You know, ETS2's car mods have very good quality and sound etc. We want to drive better cars in Racer, absolutely(There are very good modders in this forum). For an example: Skoda SuperB. This car is very good for driving. On the otherwise there is a Fiat Tipo for ETS2. It has good quality, too. It has very pretty model of that car.

In the end, my question is "Could anyone convert Fiat Tipo for Racer from ETS2? If someone says yes, I will ask for permission to modders." Is there a solve for this question? It has low texture quality for low graphics in ETS2.

I apologise for wasting your time :) ,

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