Responder: i want help :/ (looking for content of Racer)

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  • Orges
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16 Dic 2015 12:58
i want help :/

no yet...maybe one day someone would make them,,,but if there would be a tutorial on youtube about how to convert tracks,, maybe would be great to convert them,,,the full maps :cheer: ;) :lol: :woohoo:

  • tt
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13 Dic 2015 17:24
i want help :/

You can find some city maps, and mountains too!! You can explore all the tracks for Racer here:

  • Priban
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13 Dic 2015 17:23
i want help :/

These maps is for racer now ???

  • Orges
  • Avatar de Orges
13 Dic 2015 17:08
i want help :/

u mean like the italy map of world racing 2..or the miami map...there are like the map u need..serach them on youtube :cheer:

  • kingjad
  • Avatar de kingjad
13 Dic 2015 16:58
i want help :/ (looking for content of Racer)

im searching for a good two maps
first a map of a city:
second a map of mountain:

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