Tras varios meses de parón llega una nueva beta del simulador gratuíto que no para de ganar usuarios a la par de contenido (más de 1000 descargas ya).

Se trata de Racer v0.90 RC6, del que podráis leer la lista de cambios a continuación. Estamos preparando un servidor 24 horas para disfrutar de este simulador con todo el contenido disponible, además de multitud de vídeos en nuestro canal de youtube TracciontraseraES, ¡no os lo perdáis!

Descargar Racer v0.90 RC6 y leer listado de cambios.


Como siempre puedes descargar la última versión para Racer desde nuestros servidores, sin esperas ni registros:

Y si te interesa alguna beta anterior, disponemos de absolutamente todas ellas aquí:

Debido a la complejidad del listado de cambios os lo ofrecemos en su idioma original inglés, pero si tenéis cualquier duda siempre estará a disposición nuestro foro.

Listado de cambios:

- Fixed Tracked white menu background

- Camera toggling (with the C key) had an extra mode that should not be there (this was an entity mode)

- Fixed bug in full screen shader.

- dbg_car.flip_tan option removed from racer.ini.

- Fixed audio pitch bending frequency to use the original frequency of the loaded sample, instead of the audio engine output frequency. This could lead to incorrect pitch shifts for example with samples that were stored in 48kHz but played back at 44.1kHz.

- Added warnings for missing LOD models (which could cause disappearing models when generating the shadow maps)

- Modified scaling of racer.ini\'s dbg_controls.throttle/brakes/clutch/steer to use normalized values (0..1) rather than 0..1000

- Added filtering around wheel (tire) forces; a 2nd order Fz Pacejka input filter (fz_filter_frequency/fz_filter_damping) and a 1st order Fy (lateral) Pacejka out filter (fy_filter_frequency). Both in data/cars/default/car.ini.

- Also added a 1st order Fx (longitudinal) Pacejka output filter (fx_filter_frequency).

- These are useful when dealing with high-fidelity surface data (Lidar or high-frequency road artificial noise) to prevent very spiky lat/lon accelerations (giving unrealistic grip loss).

- Added dev.opengl_checks to check lots of times for OpenGL errors.<br>- Added dev.run_first to be able to start a command (like a batch file) before starting Racer.

- Added audio options in car.ini; understeer_oversteer (experimental) and damper sounds. See

- Added spline.ini option lines.lateral_divisions to tesselate the spline laterally. This highly improves cambered curves in the road. Values around 6-20.

- Fixed shader to light up the texture (would quickly become either black or whitish, never showing the texture image itself).

- Added rtd2ascii.exe tool to convert binary RTD (telemetry) files to ASCII.

- Added fmod() and abs() functions to Onyx, next to improved error/crash reporting.

- Onyx now requires all code to be defined in functions. For independent running of Onyx scripts (onyx_run.exe), you\'ll need to create a 'void main()' function.

- Added friction_circle_method 10 (similarity model/Marno Hopmans variant) which accepts per-wheel lyka and lxal tuning parameters (wheel.pacejka.lyka and wheel.pacejka.lxal). These define Fy influence on slipratio (ka=kappa=slipratio) and Fx influence of Fx on slip angle (al=alpha=slip angle). Normally you'd use values lower than 1 (and larger than 0) for these lambdas.

- friction_circle_method can be overruled per-wheel (so per-car) under wheel.friction_circle_method.

- Removed dbg_car.use_slip2fc option (obsolete).

- Revised the rendering path to be able to override the main FBO\'s size. This for surround rendering with split rendering for all 3 screens. See also

- Current issues: Z-buffer is shifted between split screens (screenCenter uses screenLeft\'s depth buffer).

- Added quad-buffered stereo support (see racer.ini:resolution.stereo.quad_buffered). nVidia Quadro only currently; 3D Vision may follow for Geforce cards. See also

- Added \'vsync \' command to set vsync live.

- Autoexposure data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders_hdr/ now detects NaN onscreen to avoid exposure spikes.

- nvidia_perf_path added in racer.ini, which needs to point to nVidia\'s PerfKit DLL. See

- Motion blur taken out for the moment by default

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