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02 Jul 2015 14:55 - 02 Jul 2015 15:08 #584 por Anónimo

I would like to start from scratch or curved.exe program guide. Everyone should have it in the folder with racer. Now I'll show how to do an exemplary diagram of engine torque.
1. WTF?
Open the file extension crv any vehicle using curved.exe. You have before me the X-axis and Y
X is responsible for the engine speed and Y for torque. Now that you know more or less how it works, you can start over. Click File> New.
We have a clean chart at our disposal. Now we need to determine lines of x and y.
Edit> Edit Axis properties
Specify Y as 1. X is already another matter. If we set the gasoline engine 6500-8000, depending on the engine. If diesel is 5000.
2. how to direct lines?
We draw lines by clicking on the field and combining with each other arising in this way points.
first set point, click on it and set its value to 0 and 0.
later we follow the lines gradually upwards to a maximum torque.
For example, for a engine 2.4 jtd it will be 1800 rev. / Min. Click in the surrounding area and then at him, set y to 1 ax 1800.
Later, gradually descend down and we reach for y = 0 and x = 5000. Thus, we close the graph.
The graph can manipulate. Through trial and error curve oscillate so that it fits into our car. Auto should oscillate within its real performance. For examples of the Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTD will be 9.5 sec. And around 210 km / h.
at a maximum speed of greater influence it has gearbox but more on that below.
Save your file in the folder with the car, his name must match with what we have written in car.ini, in line
curve_torque = (I advise you type "torque.crv," and this same name the file)
3. What next?
We enter the car.ini. We are looking for maximum torque line and enter the value.
We are looking for on the internet intresing maximum torque of the engine and enter the letter. My example Alfa has 305 Nm.
Note, if you do a car with 4 wheel drive, divide max torque at 2. In my case, it would have been 152.5 Nm.

This is all. Remember that the gearbox is also extremely important, just as differential.
Now just practice this :)
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02 Jul 2015 15:03 - 02 Jul 2015 15:04 #585 por Fabikan75
Respuesta de Fabikan75 sobre el tema Tutorial: Curved exe. And everything about egines
and my example curve 2.4 jtd.

Sorry for bad english and anonimo post, but i dont know this forum engine:)

For fun and racer development.:)
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02 Jul 2015 15:07 #586 por tt
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29 Jul 2015 22:49 #1021 por Orges
Respuesta de Orges sobre el tema Tutorial: Curved exe. And everything about egines
i just can't understand this things,,,i'm sorry :(
29 Jul 2015 22:55 #1022 por Skybh
Respuesta de Skybh sobre el tema Tutorial: Curved exe. And everything about engines
the best way is not to do normalized curves.
For a engine with 300Nm(1750Rpm) and 140hp(4000rpm) we start with 2 points.
One at x = 1750 and Y = 300
the second at x = 4000 and y?
To convert hp/ch etc it is easy, the formula is (hp_power/rpm/0.736)*5252, so :
(140/4000/0.736)*5252 = 249,75Nm
So x = 4000 and Y = 249,75
In car.ini leave max_torque=1.00
Then just have to do a nice curve, and be carefull that the point at 4000rpm is the peak power to see this : view/toggle normalised horsepower display.
The top speed depends too on aero (Cx, aera) and tire.
To calculate tire radius :
enter wheel dimension at left and then click on comparer
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29 Jul 2015 23:47 #1023 por tt
Great tips Skybh!!! Thanks a lot.
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