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16 Jul 2015 15:41 #778 por kingjad
Help me Guys Publicado por kingjad
how to convert z3d file to .dof ???
16 Jul 2015 16:27 #779 por Priban
Respuesta de Priban sobre el tema Help me Guys
Simply... in Zmodeler click on File->Export-> and export it in Racer (.DOF) :)
16 Jul 2015 17:19 #780 por kingjad
Respuesta de kingjad sobre el tema Help me Guys
i had a problem :( i follow ur video priban no anything wrongly

when im putting the car to Racer the body is transparent :(

but all parts is available here is the photo
18 Jul 2015 07:43 #804 por rncg
Respuesta de rncg sobre el tema Help me Guys
Glownig make material transparent, not use glowning, except for glass
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