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  • tt
  • Avatar de tt
13 Feb 2018 00:14
Can anyone do this car?

Hope that someone will convert it! Thanks.

  • JoKue3
30 Dic 2017 10:06
Can anyone do this car?

I saw that the link is expired now, heres a new:
I hope its possible to do this in okay Quality, and I'm sorry if my expectations are too high. But thats my dreamcar and I hope anyone can do this for me :) 

  • JoKue3
29 Dic 2017 19:48
Can anyone do this car?

I would wish me a BMW 435i Gran Coupé that looks like this (with similar options) for Racer
it would be nice if you could do this. If this post is in wrong section, please move it.

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