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  • Miguel1.8T
  • Avatar de Miguel1.8T
07 Abr 2017 00:02
Reworked cars

I have done little changes into my cars, they are changes that i consider it necessary:
In cars:

-Nissan Primera 2.0 TD
-BMW 318d E90
-Ford Focus 2.0 and 2.0 TDCi

  • Mihajlo
  • Avatar de Mihajlo
27 Ene 2017 14:28
Reworked cars

No se puede mostrar el mapa, no has especificado una ubicación todavía.
If someone can tell me what to do made my car and when I put the car in the game will not let me load the textures when I throw mode to teach me this car: :dry: :)

  • Orges
  • Avatar de Orges
24 Dic 2016 13:36
Reworked cars

ill send u the link by facebook..ok??

  • Miguel1.8T
  • Avatar de Miguel1.8T
11 Dic 2016 10:59
Reworked cars

Hi, i have already found e46 and i am working in It, but It needs lots of edits because model is bad. I can't give an exact date

  • Marco
11 Dic 2016 10:35
Reworked cars

Hello! How about the e46? When will you post it?

  • Miguel1.8T
  • Avatar de Miguel1.8T
10 Dic 2016 23:03
Reworked cars

Well :), i can help you with engine or lights if you want, i also planned to convert it into Opel Vectra with several engines (of CDX, of course) (2.6i V6 and 2.2 DTi)

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